What would your life look like if you were happy?

Within 2 months your life could change completely.

How would it be for you if you…?

This would all be possible in my intensive 8 week program.

Which includes:

3 Sessions of RTT Hypnotherapy (2h)

6 Sessions of coaching + unlimited support during the program

3 Personalized audios 15-20 min.

Believe me, this is all it takes to change!

RTT (Rapid transformation therapy) is a super powerful and effective regression therapy that achieves very profound changes over any situation or problem in a very short amount of time. It takes away mental blocks, fears, limiting beliefs, because it works at the most profound level of your being, your subconscious mind. The transformation is very effective and powerful.

A proven and successful 8-week trajectory after which you will feel:


Empowered and so much happier


More confident with so much more self-esteem


Able to face and handle difficult times. You will focus on the solution and learn from every situation.


Complete, energized and full of life


Able to trust and connect with the right people.



Have more success in work, love and health


Liberated of guilth and free from the past.


FAQS - frequently asked questions

What will RTT hipnosis feel like?

The majority of people experiment a profound relaxation. You will feel in a natural state and you are perfectly aware of everything that happens. Therefor you will not do or say anything you don´t want to.

After the session, when will I notice the change?

Change can be instant, accumulative or retroactive, which means it can be fast or gradual or it may take some time, but whatever happens, after the session, the change has begun. It is however important that you always continue to work on yourself improvement.

Could you stay trapped in the online RTT Hypnosis?

No, you can´t stay trapped in the online sesión. The Hypnosis is a completely natural state, where you are in control and will enter and exit various times a day. If you were to lose connection, you will open your eyes automatically after 5 minutes.


Can I choose not to tell you something I don´t want to during the sesión?

Yes, that is possible. You are perfectly aware of what you are saying, you can even open your eyes for a moment if you choose to do so. You are in control.

More info

Feel free to reach out to me if you need any further information. I am happy to help you.